Davies Triplets Complete the 150 Trifecta


When Andrew Davies (on the left in the pic) runs out onto the ground this weekend, he will join his brothers Brett and Craig in the Jets 150 senior games club.

It’s a big week for the Davies family, in addition to Andrew’s milestone the triplets turn 28 on Friday 28th!!

The total ‘Davies’ games = 463, and we are led to wonder how many triplets have played 150 plus games each for the same club? Could this be a world first?

Andrew’s career started in 2007, and he’s been a tough midfielder helping the club into many finals and has played in multiple premiership sides.

Congratulations Andrew, have a great day and here’s looking forward to many more games for the Jets. A special mention too of the Davies Family generally – great club people who have helped build our community into what it is today. Much appreciation to you all.

BTW – That’s Brett in the middle and Craig on the far right.