Exciting Future For Junior Program – come along for the ride.


Jets Junior Program Achieving Beyond Expectations – Management Team Expanded

Have you the skills we need?

Just over 15 years ago a small group of individuals took the initial steps to create a Junior Program at The Jets. We suspect that never in their wildest dreams would they have envisaged that their little project would become so successful.

Our excellent junior football program has grown significantly, even more so over the past 3 to 4 seasons, with over 360 registered junior players currently at the club, forecast to grow next season to 370 or more. This growth is being driven by an expectation that our Girls Football program will gain in popularity and the opportunity to have multiple teams in age groups from under 11’s. Our U8 – U10 numbers have achieved their maximum this season, but there will be continued growth in the ‘youth teams’ (u11 – u13) moving forward.

This is exciting for the club which has made developing the junior program a real focus to develop and invest in the senior club players of tomorrow whilst giving as many children the opportunity to learn the game and to develop their skills to the best of their ability. In addition to our “local popularity”, with the expanded SANFL Juniors program, the Unley Jets Football Club is attracting players from right across metropolitan Adelaide, and is a preferred club for many people living in regional areas to send their children to to play club football – we are often referred to as the country footy club in the city.

In order to respond to these increased numbers and the associated administration, your club has established or revised leadership positions to assist and augment the work of our amazing Junior Coordinator, Brenton Milewski. The club has a long standing and successful tradition of parents contributing their time and experience through coaching and team management roles, however more assistance is needed in administration and management of the junior program.

Below, we’ve listed the key positions we need to fill to ensure the continued success of our Junior program, and would love the opportunity to discuss what you can offer in more details. You’ll receive full support in the role, have made available all resources needed to perform it, and be fully inducted into the role that interests you or that you feel that you can add most value with.

Come on, take the next step.. GO JETS – “Community, Sustainability, Achievement”

Please contact Brenton Milewski (Junior Football Co-ordinator) Unley Jets
M: 0417 719 826 E: juniorfootballcoordinator@unleyjets.com.au


Junior Coaching Co-ordinator
Estimated time commitment:
- Pre season (October – March) 5 to 6 hours + attending 1 or 2 committee meetings
- In season (April – September) 1 to 2 hours per week + attending 3 committee meetings
This role is crucial to having the right coaching program in place for the development of our junior players. We are fortunate to have a very good, committed, passionate coaching panel in place, but they need support and resources to do their roles to the best of their abilities week in and week out.
Coaches also move on for varying reasons once the season is over. To continue the standards that we have set ourselves, the club need to source coaches and have them confirmed, ideally, before registration day each season (early February) . The coaching co-ordinator / director is tasked with responsibility along with providing the support to the coaches during the season and ensuring that they have the correct and current coaching accreditation (a SANFL requirement).

Property Manager
Estimated time commitment:
- Pre season (October – March) 3 to 4 hours + attending 1 or 2 committee meetings
- In season (April – September) up to 1 hour per week for the first 3 weeks + attending 3 committee meetings
The role of property manager is to ensure that the kit bags that are handed out to the teams at the beginning of the season are correctly stocked and that any mid-season kit items (including footballs) are topped up as required. The club runs an account at IDM sports at Forestville, so it is a matter of accounting for the kits at the end of the season, ensuring that they are stored away safely during the off season and fully replenished before individual squads commence their training for the new season.

Estimated time commitment:
- Pre season (October – March) 10 to 12 hours + attending 1 or 2 committee meetings
- In season (April – September) 1 to 2 hours per week for the first 3 to 4 weeks + attending 3 committee meetings
This role is probably the most critical role and Chris Ruff has done a tremendous job this season. If Chris is not able to continue in 2018, we will need another person to step up. The key responsibilities for this role are:
- Co-ordinating & managing Registration Day
- Managing the permit and transfer process for players joining and leaving the club (all done electronically via Sports TG)
- Allocating players to their respective teams on Sports TG once their registration has been processed.
- Assisting parents and players with registration enquiries.
- Assisting parents with the online registration process.

Junior Treasurer
Estimated time commitment:
- Pre season (October – March) minimal if any + attending 1 or 2 committee meetings
- In season (April – September) up to 1 hour / week for the first 8 weeks of the season + attending 3 committee meetings
Leah Stevens is our Junior Treasurer for this season and is doing an excellent job. The junior treasurer co-ordinates with the club treasurer to map over payments received by the club and cross reference to the junior players in each team to determine who is not financial at the club. Once this list is finalised, players / parents are followed up by the Junior Co-ordinator. The Junior Treasurer may also be called in from time to time to assist the club treasurer in their role should they be indisposed.

Junior Social Co-ordinator
Estimated time commitment:
- Pre season (October – March) minimal if any + attending 1 or 2 committee meetings
- In season (April – September) up to 1 hour per week or as required by the social calendar + attending 3 committee meetings
Be a part of the club’s social committee (Wing Women) and work with team managers to ensure that the junior parents are made aware of club events and encouraged to attend to support these events to help bolster the funds for the club.

Junior Merchandise Co-ordinator
Estimated time commitment:
- Pre season (October – March) 1 to 2 hours per week (mainly from Feb to March) + attending 1 or 2 committee meetings
- In season (April – September) 2 to 3 hours per week (mainly from late March to May) + attending 3 committee meetings.
Peta Rayson has done an outstanding job over many seasons. Should Peta not be in a position or chooses not to continue in 2018, another person/ s will need to step up.
This role involves selecting a range of products (jackets, polo’s bags, etc) for players and supporters to purchase and co-ordinating these purchases and delivery of these items with our club supplier, Nelson Teamwear.
Peta has established excellent records and has a proven system that track purchases and sales to assist with forecasting.
The issuing of and collection of club guernseys is a component of this role and can possibly be shared with the Property Manager. Peta has established a robust system for this year which tracks all guernseys and allocates responsibilities to parents and team managers to care for the guernseys.
Prior to and during the early part of the season, the club makes these items available for purchase (some items need to have special orders placed), the Merchandise Co-ordinator enlists support from other parents to ‘set up shop’ and sell these items on to players and supporters.

Auskick Co-ordinator
Estimated time commitment:
- Pre season (October – March) minimal if any + attending 1 or 2 committee meetings
- In season (April – September) 1 to 2 hours per week until the conclusion of the Auskick season in mid July + attending 3 committee meetings
The club has been successfully running an Auskick clinic via the AFL / NAB Auskick program on Saturday mornings at Kingswood Oval over a 10 week period starting early in term 2. This role is essentially a co-ordinator role. A summary of responsibilities are as follows:
- sourcing a coach from the parents of the registered participants or from another source
- purchase any equipment that is needed
- liaise with the Sturt FC zone co-ordinator to ensure that the program is run according to AFL / NAB requirements.
- Communicate relevant information to parents via the Sports TG website including Crows and Port Power run Auskick events.
- Promote the Unley Jets FC to all participants to ensure solid junior numbers coming the following season.
- Assisting the coaches at the clinics when required.