The last official function for the 2017 season was the AGM held on 14th of December at The TA.

New Committee appointments verified on the night were; Michael Daly back on the committee in a new role of Facilities Manager, Michael Guerin takes over from Will Batty as Senior Player Rep and two familiar faces but in new roles, Troy Hall and Nick Seal join your management team as general committee members.

Good luck to everyone on the 2018 Management Committee and for those who ended their tenure this year, thanks for all your hard work.

The newly elected Committee is:
President – Rod Stuart
Treasurer – Mark Thiele (2nd Year of 2 Year Appointment)
Junior Coordinator – Brenton Milewski (2nd Year of 2 Year Appointment)
Assistant Treasurer – Wayne Chettle
Sponsorship Manager – David Heaslip
Social Secretary – Nick Stuart
MOSFC Delegate – David Petch
Communications Officer – Brenton Westell
Grants Manager and Risk Manager – Mark Keam
Player Representative – Michael Guerin
Fundraising Coordinator – VACANT (Volunteer(s) needed)
General Committee Members – Nick Seal & Troy Hall

In addition, the AGM formally acknowledged the new Senior Footy Operations structure and welcomed the following key appointments:
Kane Stewart (A grade coach), Michael Doughty (Football Director), Jeremy Pickering (Senior Football Operations Manager), Daniel Caire (Assistant A Grade Coach), Scott Rayson (Reserves Coach), Luke Cooper (Assistant Reserves Coach)

The Thirds coaching position remains open at this time. The search is on for someone with a keen interest in player development. Enquiries to Jeremy Pickering

The AGM formally thanked Troy Hall for his 8 years as Senior Coach and for how far he has taken us in those years, going from relegation fodder in Div 4 to a taste of Div 1 and the establishment of the club as a major player in the amateur league.

On the junior front, Riley Davis was acknowledged as Junior Player of the Year.

The message overall from the AGM is that 2018 is looking like an exciting year for The Jets.
• Increased Junior numbers and further development of girls footy – thanks to Nikki Robinson for taking on the girl’s footy coordination role.
• The establishment of a junior committee to help out Brenton Milewski with the ever-increasing workload.
• A new and invigorated Senior Footy Ops structure with some amazing talent joining the coaching and playing ranks.
• Another sound financial outcome with a small surplus means starting off the new year in a good position.
• Continued development of our business systems to bring ease of accounting and further revenue generating options.

Looking at the longer term, there is considerable behind the scenes work being done with key stakeholders with the view to developing our site to accommodate our growing numbers and female participants. This is a long term process so we need to be more patient than we’d prefer, and the membership will be kept informed of any significant milestones.

The Management Committee wishes all Jets People a safe and happy festive season and looks forward to coming together in the new year for the next chapter in the proud history of our great club.