Nick joins The Jets community..

11 JUL 2018 | BY WESTELL

More than a few of you have likely asked lately, “Who’s the new guy in the kitchen?”

Introducing Nick Skiadopoulos (Nick Lav for short) who has come to us via his connection with the Trengrove family.

Nick’s taken on the Friday night duties but is also helping out with the senior’s meals as well when required.

Nick is no stranger to sports clubs and the running thereof, having played football for the Greek Football Club (GFC) between 1962-1982, playing in 4 premiership sides in 1963,1964,1967 and 1968. We are all familiar with GFC in it’s current embodiment, a merger of Henley Districts and Old Scholars Football Club and the Greek Football Club in 1994 Created “The Henley Greek Football Club”, known since 1998 as The Henley Sharks!

Not only a player, Nick was on the committee of the GFC for a number of years, president for 1 year and was awarded life membership and named as one of the best players in the clubs history, becoming a “Club Legend”.

Not content at stopping there, he coached his sons primary school soccer team and then followed him to Cumberland United Soccer Club (CUSC) where he became a team manager and part of junior and senior committees, including running the canteen at CUSC for approximately 5 Years. CUSC awarded life membership (correct, Nick’s a life member of 2 sporting clubs!) in recognition of his service.

Our club is greatly privileged to have Nick involved and we welcome him warmly to the fold.

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