The AGM was held on the 13th of December at the TA with the key interest being who was to take over the reigns following the retirement of 7-year Club President Rod Stuart.

Stepping up to the plate was David Heaslip (Pictured) – uncontested nomination as President for the next 2 years.

David has been associated with the club for several years, supporting his son Luke in the seniors, and for the last 2 years David filled the role of Sponsorship Coordinator. David brings enormous experience in both business, currently Managing Director of Century Group, but also in managing representative organisations, being an Honorary Board Member of The Industry Leaders Fund and past National Vice President & past SA President of the Australian Industry Group.

We thank David for taking on the leadership of our club and wish him every success.

Other changes in the committee line up:

Nick Seal takes over the Secretary portfolio from Paul Ryan who takes on Risk Management allowing Mark Keam to concentrate purely on grants and funding.

Bringing some well overdue female representation on the Management Committee, Jo Wright takes on the extremely important role of Junior Coordinator, stepping into the big shoes of the departing Brenton Milewski, and will be assisted by Niki Robinson, who comes onto the committee in a general committee position but continues as Female Football Coordinator.

New to the committee also, and taking over the sponsorship portfolio, is James Munn whose son Oscar plays seniors.

The full Management Committee team for 2019 is:

President – David Heaslip, Treasurer -Mark Thiele (4th term!), Secretary – Nick Seal, Junior Football Coordinator – Jo Wright, Facilities Manager – Michael Daly, Assistant Treasurer – Wayne Chettle, Sponsorship Manager – James Munn, Social Secretary – Nick Stuart, MOSFC Delegate – David Petch, Communications Officer – Brenton Westell, Grants Manger – Mark Thiele, Risk Manager – Paul Ryan, Player Representative – Michael Guerin, Committee member & Female Football – Niki Robinson, Committee member & Recruitment – Troy Hall.

The AGM also ratified some cosmetic changes to the Constitution, tidying up some terminology and reflecting the change from MOSA Football Club to MOSA as the special member category.

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