Jets Pre-season Camp & awarding of “The TA Tray”


Last weekend saw the 40 players plus coaching staff stay the weekend at Victor Harbor for the annual pre-season training camp. Coaches Dogga, Kane, Trent & Tim assisted by volunteers Wayne, Pickers & Petchy put the players through various training and team building exercises over the 2 and a half days.

The players were grouped into 4 teams of 10 (Blue, Black, White & Red) with the 4 teams vying for what has become a very prestigious & keenly sought after piece of silverware, “The TA Tray”, together with a $200 TA Voucher for the winning team & a $100 TA Voucher for second place.

The Club, & in particular the players, very much appreciate the generosity & support of Sam McInnes & Tom Marshall at the TA.

An injection of top young talent, complemented by a couple of wily veterans, saw the Black Team successful – led by co-captains James Khabbaz & Luke Heaslip. The White Team led by Anthony Skara was runner-up – probably unlucky after a sensational Saturday Night Freddie Mercury performance by Skaz!

In the pics, Co-captains of the Black Team Luke Heaslip & James Khabbaz; and the winning Black Team (L to R) Sammy Starr (Mercedes lad back from Sturt), Archer Plate (new Mercedes College lad), Luke Heaslip, Josh Stevens, James Khabbaz, Will Bromley (returning from PAC) & Ross Pickering. Absent for the photo (having had to depart early back to Adel) were Nick Stuart, Clint Donald (back from a season ending injury sustained early last year) & Tommy Curtin (new player to the Jets).

Congratulations to all the players who worked incredibly hard during the camp & then enjoyed some well-earnt bonding time Saturday Night – lots of Jets’ love!!

Dogga & Kane presented another fantastic camp full of variety & it was clearly very rewarding for the players, and Wayne Chettle was at his masochistic best plotting another Rogaining course for the Sat afternoon session which was a real sweat fest – (Rogaining is a sport of endurance & strategy where teams navigate on foot through all sorts of terrain with a map & a compass) – incredibly hard work against the clock where the brashness of youth & the wiliness of age combined well for the Black Team (Each team was required to carry between them for the whole 2 hour session a 20kg sand bag & a 15kg kettle bell!)

With a month to go to the Div 1 season opener against Athelstone, the lads are pumped and ready to go.



Victor Harbor

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