Jets Wine Club - great savings for our members and supporters.


Become a member of the Jets Wine Club to receive offers for wine purchases at very special Jet’s prices. Our club earns income from wine purchased through the Wine Club and we hope it will become a key source of income while at the same time providing our supporters with great savings.

Wine offers will come out periodically, so make sure you’re registered to be able to take advantage of the fantastic wine on offer.

In addition, one of the offers this year will be a commemorative red wine (well recommended) to recognise the clubs 50 years. This wine has been labelled with a special UFC commemorative label.

If you haven’t yet joined the wine club, please register via the link below to get a membership number which is then used when making your orders.

REGISTRATION FORM HERE: or email with your Name, Email Address and Mobile Phone Number.

Wine Club membership numbers will be emailed to you once your registration is received. This reference will link your order with your payment and also delivery.

Then keep an eye on the email update, website or Facebook page for the Wine Club offers as they come out.

Don’t delay, register now.

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